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09-02-2011, 08:29 AM
I'd like to see a more "adaptive" system for that.
I did those things a lot yesterdayand it was a peace of cake all the times. But I was usually in there with VAs.

I hear its much harder for/with low levels, some say too hard.
And I believe that, I mean... a Miranda with a player buffed to lvl 45 isstill not en par with a souvereign.

So beside the basic need to rebalance those things a litle, the group sizes should match the basic level of the players inside.
5 VA "spots" as a basic, but instead of 1 va it also could be 5 mirandas or 4 t2 ships, or 3 t3 ships or 2 t4.. may be not exactly those numbers but something like that.

This would keep the feeling of a big fleet, this would help to balance it and allow playing together with players of low levels without that understanable but prety agressive "oh no get that f***** lowlevel noop out of my instance" reaction i've seen a lot yesterday