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09-02-2011, 08:14 AM
You shouldn't really be having trouble with squishyness.

If you need more toughness, try Attack Pattern Delta on Tac or some Shield Strength, Teams and Hazard Emitters on science.

I'm guessing the 3xDBB are designed to focus your FAW output? Trouble is you should devote what mobility you have to defensive concerns.

The reason cruiser pilots spread their damage potential around the full 360 isn't because they can't keep their opponents in a particular arc - anyone can work out how to keep an opponent in the forward arc long enough for it to pay off in terms of DPS. The trouble is doing so makes you more predictable and shuts out a lot of reaction/mobility-based defensive options that 'turny' ships don't have to worry about losing.

I'd also ditch emergency to Aux while you have 2 emergency to Shields... you only have a split-second window to activate it every 30s, and all your aux-based powers look like reaction and opportunity based powers.