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09-02-2011, 08:16 AM
Originally Posted by mikey22805
well honestly I have beaten 12th fleet, LF, and CS, and 528th premades, with a Klink pug-made, so I guess it may be viable
LF does not premade in the way I would define it.

Yes, we are pregrouped, but the ships are completely random..

It could be 3 healers and 2 SV, or 5 Escorts, or 3 Escorts + 2 DPS Cruisers...

On rare occasions we randomly end up with a "premade lineup" of say 2 SV, 1 Escort, 1 SC healer and a DPS cruiser.. When that happens, we can put up a good fight for nearly any other premade. (Obviously not all, because our healer might have flown a Escort 2 matches ago and one of the SVs might just have switched from a DPS Cruiser)

LF groups have more in common with OPVP Pugmades than say TSI premades.