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09-02-2011, 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by adml_shake View Post
I'm a VA and i've been noticing the same problem. I click the fire button...he acts like he's going to fire and the cool down starts but visually nothing is happening and I don't think he takes any damage either. I'll have to log in and file a bug report about it.
I have been noticing the same problem, and I was going to post a ticket.

The animation and cool down proc, but that is it. I finally was able to confirm this last night when I was playing the big dig. I got separated from my group, and I attacked a Romulan. After repeatedly pressing the fire button and watching my character do his shoot animation and the cooldown timer run with no actual beam being emitted, I watched to see if the Romulan enemy took any damage regardless of the beam effect. He did not take any. He only took damage when the beam fired. I actually died by him because my characters phaser would not fire 80% of the time in that encounter.