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09-02-2011, 11:58 AM
I like what has been said to improve this DSE encounter.

My thoughts of a Borg intercept would be this.

1. 10-20 Federation Ships or Klingon Warbirds
2. No level requirement
3. Borg are brought to scale with the average level of the ships there (meaning AI, adaptive powers, Hull strength.)
4. Borg need to have heartier vessels, shields
5. The command ship be tougher all around, with any surviving Borg vessels attempting to protect it.
6. Get rid of the Destroy 4 groups of enemies that is just too stale. Make it more of the neighborhood of 6-7 groups.

I will update when I get some input. on this idea. Because this nerfing needs to stop. The Borg and the players deserve a REAL Borg invasion and Experience.