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Originally Posted by Khemaraa_Iron_Hand_KBF View Post
any starfaring race is going to have some sort of science ship. [...] I still want to see an actuall Klingon sci ship.
Klingon space "exploration" developed completely different from most of the other cultures in the setting. The Klingons did not invent their space ships, and they were not on a quest for exploration - the basis of their technology was apprehended from another species and them venturing out into space was based on a policy of "aggressive defense" and a drive for expansion due to need for resources. Scientists and science itself still have a hard time in Klingon culture, which is why it makes complete sense that the KDF does not employ science ships. The closest you could come to them would be scout vessels like the Raptors.
This is why Klingons essentially behave like wild barbaric vikings (in the eyes of other species) - their culture was "not yet ready" to develop a scientific spirit and spacefaring technology.

Orions on the other hand have already surpassed their old days of civilization, the entire society having devolved into a semi-barbaric state of decadence, then manipulation, then piracy, simply because their culture had long surpassed its peak and they were unable to consolidate what they once had.

Nausicaans are even less stable as a society, essentially being based around individual mercenary or pirate bands venturing forth from their homeworld in search for challenges and profit. From what little we have seen on screen, they are entirely disorganized - we can only speculate how they got their hands on spaceships in the first place, though it may have been a similar case as with the Klingons, or (given how many Nausicaans are found as mercenaries in the outfits of other species) they got their first ships from the Ferengi or some other potential employer.

The Gorn are really the first and foremost KDF-allied species where science ships would make sense (they are warlike and expansionist, yet they have already proven their scientific aptitude on screen in a much stronger way than any of the other KDF species including the Klingons), and I do understand Cryptic's decision to "fan out" ship types and create a bit of diversity here. Sure, they could have just as well made all Gorn ships replicas of Klingon battlecruisers, and it would have fit just as much, but this way the interest in these ships will probably be a bit greater.

As has been pointed out, this does not mean that all Gorn ships currently active in STO's timeline are science vessels (in fact, several NPC encounters already dispell this assumption), and neither does it mean that, maybe, at some point in the future we couldn't get more ship variants for other branches. I'm sure that everyone, including Cryptic, would agree that every single species having a selection of ships for all careers on every tier would be the best scenario. It just isn't possible to roll them out all at once, so let's take one step at a time here, shall we?