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Well, since my last mission got deleted due to my own error (misunderstood how things work upon import :& )

I took a few hours to come up with a fresh story and put all my current foundry tricks into it

Name: Alpha And Omega - The Prologue
Length: 10-15 mins
Difficulty: Not hard, but don't stick around for the ambush
Start: Deep space K-7, Eta Eridani Sector Block

I know it's not much but i'm pretty satisfitied with what i've been able to produce in about 4 hours (tested it solo and duo, everything seems to work fine)

A few notes:

This mission is meant to be a prologue.

It only introduces the situation in which you find yourself in the 2nd mission

It therefore only takes about 10 minutes to complete if you read all the text but i hope you find the story compelling enough for you to test out my later, 1 hour missions which i will complete over the course of weeks

I'd greatly appreciate any and all constructive feedback, any tips you may have regarding what i could have done better and any suggestions towards where the story should go


A completely new race, never before heard of in the Federation - Possibly as dangerous as the Borg or the Undine, or possibly a new ally? or perhaps neither (they will be more fully introduced in the episodes, in the prologue you merely get to see their battlecry )


Remodeled the ending, getting the interference to dissipate may be difficult for some and i decided to remove it automatically