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09-02-2011, 06:57 PM
If you like to playing with all the toys in STO, and don't mind the monthly C-Store stipend (to be confirmed next week--this is purely rumour for now)... then this Lifer Subscription may be worth it for you!

As a Lifer myself, I see it exactly the same way (and I HOPE there is a reasonable amount of monthly C-Store stipend for us Lifers...) ==> some feel that "400" C-Points per month is "not enough" due to higher C-Store prices in STO, as compared to Cryptic's sister game CO...

When I subscribed for Lifer when STO launched, I reckoned I'll get 2 years of "Paid" STO to break even...

Now it's only 18 months, and STO is talking about F2P, slightly faster than anticipated...