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09-02-2011, 09:41 PM
Originally Posted by Engraverwilliam View Post
so let me get this straight, Today I finaly hit my goal of being able to afford the Life time sub. I finally can give up my buying game cards. I come here to read the forums and find out that this game is going F2P??!!

Let me ask some of you who are in the know.
If I wait and go the F2P route, what will be the limitations, vs. the life sub.
-Can only do certain quest lines?
-Can only get certain ships?
-cant get into certain sectors?

Will the Lifers have access to all content?
If I drop 300 bones on this sub I do not want to see one single screen about "oops sorry you have not paid us money for that"
I'm a LT subscriber msyelf since the start of the game. I has no worrie about STO going F2P.

If they follow the CO model of F2P (which I strongly suspend they will), . The following in all speculation on my part (based on CO model). For Gold Accounts (monthly subscirbers or LT subscribers) the game will remain largely unchanged. The only changes we should see is a huge increase in the number of players. And we'll get a small monthly stipend of spoints for C-Store.

Silver Accounts (free accounts) will have access to most of the normal content of the game. There may be some content that may be Pay to Play. However Silver accounts will be hugely limited otherwise. They will limited amount of free races for they Captain. Limited on the number of free ships they have access do. No access fo the Foundry Editor (and possibly missions as well). Limit selection of costume sets for character. Limited number of BOFF races they'll have access to. Free ships may be limited to just a default skin. Any other skins would have to be purchased from the C-Store. Limit amount of currency they can posses, limited amounts of personal and bank inventory space. Limitations on chat.

TL;DR. Basically you'll have access to a small set of plain vanilla stuff. All of the really cool stuff will have to be bought from the C-Store.