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09-03-2011, 07:56 AM
Originally Posted by ikenstein
In STO dps > all. Especially since s4. By the time you root someone, or stun them or spam half a dozen debuffs on them the tac would have killed them with raw dps. Expose / exploit is now pointless and unused. Raw dps is better. S4 was a huge nerf to sci and huge boost to tac.

Only use for sci is keeping your tac team mates alive in fleet actions. So that they can get the first prize and you can get something worthless. But, honestly, healing isn't really needed in a group of more than 3. Basically sci is a waste of time for ground.
I'd disagree there, although the debuffing Sci kits are not too great if you don't play in a team or on higher difficulty PvE a medic or Borg medic kitted Sci should be able to tank a Tac and wear them down*. It won't be quick but you'll get there eventually and will likely be an Exploit that gets the job done.
Basically sci is a waste of time for ground.
I couldn't disagree with this more, the only problem with Sci is the debuff kits aren't as powerful as the Medic kits when played solo, but with a team mate to exploit the roots, holds, stuns and exposes you'll be the most valuable guy on the team. I know when I play my Tac I love having a debuffing Sci around as it makes my job so much easier.

*This obviously doesn't help in Otha where the cloaked one shots will take you down, but once you know their's someone around they're easy pickings. An Operative kitted Tac against a medic Sci is going to lose unless they're very good or the Sci isn't (or using energy dampening armour).