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09-03-2011, 08:01 AM
I came away from the interview with a very positive feel about this move. I would have loved, as we all would have, to have gotten some details of what the move to F2P means but I understand they are not ready yet.

The general impression I am left with is that this was not planned to happen as quick as it is. I would say they were likely a few weeks away from when they planned to make this public. That being said this is obviously not a sudden move.

F2P gets a bad rap in the US and one that frankly is not deserved. This is due to cultural standards. I mean you tell someone they are getting something for free and then tend to wonder what is wrong with it, at least in the US. So when a company has been using a business model that makes more sense to us culturally and then moves to F2P the natural reaction is to think they have somehow failed.

F2P is not the venue of failure, look at games like Tabula Rasa, that is failure. F2P is a strategic move that is being embraced by more and more MMOs and other games as well every day. It has proven again and again that it creates a larger customer based and generates more income. Doubt that, look at Perfect World, a company built on the F2P model and they are growing and growing fast.

For me this move is not something I see as scary or the hammer falling. It is instead a move I think makes a lot of sense and I am excited about the future of STO due to it.