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Mission Brief: Well done. Good information and good instructions.

Driian System: Good start. The only thing I would change is the button for entry into the system. Perhaps change it to "Drop out of warp" or "Enter the system" as if responding to the report. Otherwise great set up and good balanced fight. I like the overpowered fighter design. Well done.

Lower Deck: Great set design. Only thing is the Away team fell to lower deck. LT James Kreigg Initial dialog, spelling error; "recsue" should be “rescue”.

Under Attack: Great set design, excellent dialog and execution. Drew me and made me want to see what was next.

Driiax Orbit: Very well done.

Search For Survivors: Set design is excellent. Console interaction should be fixed. The player doesn't seem to do anything to interact. There seems to be a problem with the Away team getting stuck in the first room.

Driiax Surface: Amazing set design. On the approach to the temple the Away team gets stuck and can't stay with player.

Transporter Room: Great set design. Spelling error; "Intreaguing" should be "Intriguing".

MISC: Continue is used for the buttons a little too much. Some places it makes sense but you might want to make some changes. Not a show stopper by any stretch. Also as noted on most of the sets the Away team seems to get stuck or fall away. Not a problem if there is no fighting. Not sure what you could do about it but thought it would be worth mentioning.

Summary: Excellent mission! A little long but the story was so well written you hardly notice. Add to that the sets are very well designed, and characters are fantastic. I look forward to playing Pt.2. Good work.