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09-04-2011, 02:29 AM
Originally Posted by Jexsam View Post
swap out the pylons and secondary hull for a unified, proper model when it detects the player has both of those Galaxy-class options selected. Kitbash power is kept, but a whole, seamless model is in place for the purists.
i'd be endlessly happy if a function like that existed, but i don't think that Cryptic is going to waste the needed Dev Time on a function like that. Not on a Ship they consider "finished".

Also it would double the time Logan would have to spend on any updates / fixes / changes / additions to the parts in question, because he would have to do it on 2 Models, everytime in the future something is touched. (add the Galaxy-X and it's 3 times ;P)
good for us, bad for them?

OK, so we displayed the Problem, we have 3 possible solutions to it, i am sure the Dev's can decide for themselves which one is the best, or even come up with a better one that we can't think of because we don't realy know the Tech behind the game.

But i think we can all agree that this Situation should be addressed one way or the other, and that the Galaxy and it's Variants need some touching up anyway because the Quality is obviously below game-standard here (not including the Venture of course, that one just shows how much less love went into the other models ;P ).