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09-04-2011, 04:04 AM
Originally Posted by Jaren_Kincaid
Every time I fly into combat against the Borg, their beams make my instrumentation go haywire. What are the best defences against them and the best weapons to deploy when fighting the Borg? Also, what are the best BOFF skills?
I think you mean the effect of the Borg Boarding Parties... This is cleared by Tactical Team

Borg Plasma Fire = Cleared by Hazard Emitters

Borg Tractor Beams = Countered by Polarize Hull or Attack Pattern Omega

Borg Shield Neutralizer = Countered by Hazard Emitters

Borg Tachyon Beam (which now the Cubes AND Spheres possess) = Countered by Shield Heals (EPtS, Sci Team, TSS, etc.)