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09-04-2011, 04:07 AM
Originally Posted by jojobevco
Please, someone tell me!

As a LA3 I freakin' miss my peng! I had to give it up because my Mk IV peng just wasnt doing in anymore.

I go to replay the Doomsday mission and all it shows for rewards is the officers, not the peng

Am I missing something?

I know, I sound like a noob here, but I really want my peng back! I miss the days where I could kill a ship in a couple shots!
The Hargh'Peng is an additional reward for completing the mission, but is not listed at the start (even on replay), because they do not want to 'spoil' the surprises in the mission. If you replay and complete the mission, you will get the appropriate-Mark Hargh'Peng as a reward.