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09-04-2011, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by Brackynews View Post
You're implying a elitist hyper-class system where none should exist. That's the entire purpose of VETERAN REWARDS.
The earlybird who paid less for LTS should expect no different treatment than the LTS subscriber who started in any following season. The LTS -> Gold level perks should be the same. The attempted calculation of time/dollars/value ratio is a non-starter, they are not equivalent or standardized. (I've read several other more eloquent posts with better logic than I can recount here.)

A company can't segregate their customers based on timing. Again, that's what Veteran Rewards are for. A membership level is a membership level. My money is just as good as yours, I just didn't give it to them all at once.
QFT I've seen a huge division among the lifers about the F2P model being adopted, and the one commonality I see in the naysayers has been simply an ignorance towards what the Premium/Gold paid member benefits will likely be, and a (to be blunt) stupid assumption that they'll get no better than the free members. I wish people would actually look at what's been done before with Champions Online and other games then use the brains they were born with to actually put 2 & 2 together to realize that they are still getting an awesome deal, and it's actually getting better. With F2P, they are paying nothing more, and will likely even be getting free C-Store points every month, saving them even more cash.