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Mission Briefing: Very well done.

Dark Star Beta Region: Great job on the interference and navigation alignment. Realizing it is a lot of names to come up with, the escort ships closest to the base are all labeled with the ship type. Perhaps give them names like the rest further out on initial approach. By the way I loved the movie “Dark Star”.

DS-B Operations Level: Great set design and detail. The writing is very well done. As before the Away team is isolated and unable to follow me.

Concourse: Great set design and detail. Again this is really well written. Draws me in and keeps my attention. As before Away team is isolated and unable to follow me.

Voth Encounter: Good design and the fight through the 3 layers of ships was good. I assume there was an explosion set for the satellite. The explosion didn't show up. The trigger worked and the satellite disappeared but no explosion. I read a forum entry regarding an apparent bug related to space explosions. Perhaps change the "(Continue)" button on the transport order from the Voth to "Standing by for coordinates" or something along those lines.

Voth Council: Great set design and good writing. As before Away team is isolated and unable to follow me past the first room.

Driian Star System: Captain's Log, Supplemental entry reads; "but continue" should probably read "but to continue".

Cave: Well done. Good balance of fights and story. Good set design. No problem with the Away team following me.

USS Venture Engineering: Wow! I was blown away by the great design and set up of the main engineering. I actually spent additional time looking around at what you did. Fantastic job! The Away team movement through doors seems to be an issue. I think it may be a limitation of your sets created in the Foundry. However I did note a step down from the door way coming from the first hall in the main hall. That might be contributing somehow. The warp core path to the Jeffries tube has issues with the Away Team following as well. Dialog after Accessing Shield Systems from engineering: Reads; "recommend we spend very long" should read; "recommend we don't spend very long"

Port Warp Nacelle: Wow! This is great design and the low gravity was just fantastic. Great job! Just as a note, in this scene the Away team was already on the top level of the set.

Last Stand: Good story conclusion. Great work!

Summary: You have done a fantastic job for both part 1 and 2 of this mission. Both are a little longer than I usually like but I hardly noticed it due to the tremendous job you did with writing, story development, set design and of course the execution of each phase. The only real issue seemed to be the Away team becoming stuck at different phases of the missions. As I stated previously this is not as much of an issue as long as you are not in a fight. I was able to get the Away team unstuck on the USS Venture Engineering phase which was good since I needed them. I am not sure if this is something you can correct or if it is simply a limitation of the Foundry based on your set designs. Still I thought you’d want to know so you can take a look at it. Overall you did a fantastic job with the whole project! As I said in my in game rating I truly look forward to playing more of your missions.

Thanks for authoring!