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Ahhh, klingons. My favorite trek race/faction. Your birds of prey make me swoon, your bat'leth make me hungry for battle. But...what will i be fighting? I've decided to make a bit of a complaintative post on klingon content, and how lacking it can be. My disdain for the content grew to a head a few days ago when i landed on a planet to kill dangerous plants. That's right, i'm a commander in a mighty klingon warship with victories under his belt and a line straight to J'mpok, and apparently the KDF has decided that killing dangerous weeds on a backwater world would be a glorious battle.

Whilst i am just thrilled with the idea of exploration missions being available to klingons, it just feels inadequate. There's thousands of campaign scenarios that could be brought up, from the federation/klingon/romulan conflicts to the Undine that the klingons have been fighting desperately, but we see none of that, do we? No Hur'q? I actually played one of the few mission lines that told a story, the one surrounding house Martok: it was brilliant, why do we not see more of that in the higher tiers?

I do hope there's more in development, the overall quality of the game has skyrocketed as of late and it would the sons and daughters of Kahless no justice if they hit maximum rank and not have a few good stories to tell to the newer people in the faction.

-Mok'Nar Bruk'Dan