Thread: F2P and PvP
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09-04-2011, 05:47 PM
Well with P2W being the concept sold to us, I think PVP might continue to be rare at the low levels for the legitimate gripe of "its not balanced," or in other words, "OMFG U HAX0R N00B, U R UNFAIR IN UR RODE ILAND."

It's something of a self feeding cycle. When people know the PVP can be unbalanced, they won't try it until they get to a point where they think they are on an even keel. It's too bad, because PVPing as you level is a great way to learn how stuff works. But with P2W in the mix, it is likely going to be very discouraging to any newcomers to want to try and go up against a ship that is more powerful than them.