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09-04-2011, 05:52 PM
The Dreadnaught is tricky and deceptive in that it can fit DHCs, but no where in the manual does it mention that its a good idea. It is in fact a horrible idea. DHCs have such a narrow firing arc that using them to any positive effect would require you keep the front of your ship pointed at your target for a rather long time; fighting another cruiser isn't so hard, but an escort or science will avoid your front end like the plague since they know you have a Phaser Lance. If you're going to use DHCs, I suggest using only one, as this will help beat down a shield facing to prepare for a phaser lance. Otherwise, fit the Dread like you would any other cruiser... with a lot of beam arrays =P

If you're exceptionally good at tanking, you can use evasive maneuvers + reverse to keep a target in that narrow arc well enough, but that's a limited window. You can also use RCS consoles and things like Aux2Damp, but those are valuable Engineer slots that could be used for heals instead, so its risky. Feel free to experiment. I run the Borg set on mine, and the tractor beam is useful for lining up that perfect phaser lance / torpedo combo. Maybe that could be applied to the DHCs as well?