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09-04-2011, 07:19 PM
Originally Posted by HamRadio18
Hi There,
Well, if you are doing solo PvE play, I would go for purely DPS builds. On your cruiser I would go 2 EPS flow regulators, 2 +7 to weapons, and 8 beam arrays.

Beam Overload 2, and TT 1.
Pretty much any BO build will work in PvE. For your Cmd. slot I would use Directed Energy Modulation 3. Even try Feedback pulse.
Other then that, as long as you have 2 copies of EPtS, HE, and APtSIF, you should be fine.

For your escort build, until you get to the defiant-r, I would use DBBs, and one torpedo up front. then turrets for your aft.
For your engineering slots do EPtS 1 & 2, and Polarized hull 1, and HE 2.

For tactical BO abilities,
I would use BO 3, High Yield Torpedo 3, and APO 3. 2 copies of TT 1. If you can't train your BO's in these, then ask someone in the game, or message me, and I can do it.

With these builds, you should do just fine.
Thank you for the help. Is there any kind of way I should be putting my points in terms of skills?