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09-04-2011, 09:47 PM

This website will help alot. It's one of my favorites because it allows you to select your Captain and the ship you are in. Then just fill in the BOFF abilities according to stations and it will highlight which Skills/Boxes will effect those abilities.

Engineer Captain in an Escort is pretty good, gives you nice DPS with abit extra survival. so instead of a glass cannon, you'll be flying in a FIBER glass cannon I myself perfer cruisers.I have an Assualt Cruiser, Galaxy Retro, and Excelsior ( my favorite ) Just ask yourself what it is you would like to do (DPS, Survival, Something in between, or Tons of Toys {Science} ) and go from there. Solo PvE everything dies in 5 seconds on Normal no matter what, and 10 seconds on Elite. Ship choice really only matters in STFs and even then as long as you have 2 escorts in group, you'll be fine.