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09-05-2011, 01:49 AM
WoW , havent played that , and infact havent played any other MMO except STO.
I was a funboy of ******** I ,II , III ( strategy game for LAN and single player ) , but never interested in online and monthly sub.

So what changed and i'am currently playing STO ?. It is STAR TREK !!!.

I love the franchise and because in my country the series ( TOS , TNG , DS9 , VOY , ENT ) never played in TV with consistency , ( wrong seasons , wrong episodes , only 3 or 4 of the 7 sessions , VOY never aired , and all that local TV stations crap ) , I BYED all the series in DVD with out subtitles.

O boy , I love Star Trek , and liked a bit StarGate , never liked so mutch StarWars , have read many SciFi books , and watched many SciFi movies and other TV series, BUT Star Trek , IMHO , IS the best of all.

So WoW not for my taste.

I hope the game ,STO , will continue to exist for many years , and i realy hope for a new StarTrek TV series.

Have fun.
( Sory for bad english ).