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09-05-2011, 03:49 AM
I was never a WOW fan.... I never made it past the tutoriel.
I disliked the visual style to a level that I simply couldnt enjoy the game.

But I played LOTRonline for a while and ppl there told me that it was VERY similar to WOW.

And THAT one had a lot of benefits towards STO, the MUCH BIGGER world for example (and that was before Moria and the people who told me that it is similar to wow told me that WOWs world was even bigger).

Just with the Borg-hunt it occoured to me HOW SMALL STO is all over....
Also, well as much as I love the character costumisation in STO, THEY had holsterable weapons, for example, from day 1.

So honestly, I believe they are better games. They just do not involve spaceships... and I simply like those better. But that comes down to a question of personal taste not game quality.