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# 1 Where are my pants?
09-05-2011, 08:25 AM
Where did the 'Worn Leather' option go for KDF males? It's no longer available in the charactor creator.
Or at the tailor. Nor are 'Worn leather' pants in the foundry.

I never read anywhere that it was getting removed. I have yet to see any Dev response to the issue.

Did you guys do this on purpose? Are 'Standard' pants suppose to replace the 'Worn Leather?' Or is it a bug?

I must protest. We are Klingons, not men in tights (TIGHT tights). That look like blue-jeans (really tight blue jeans) with no definition besides the pockets.

Anyone else want their pants back? Or is it just me?

If I take a character to the tailor (that is wearing worn leather) will it automatically be replaced with 'standard' pants?

What's going on?