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09-05-2011, 11:07 AM
Even with Efficient an and Performance skills topped off, you won't get much more then then 45-50 Engine Subsystem Power with the standard power setting of 25. To get much higher you need Efficient Captain train, Warp Core Theorist trait, Efficient traitted BOFFs and/or Plamsa Inject Engineering Consoles (+Engine Power) to get Engine Subsystem power into the range that Hyper Impulse Engines start out do Combat Impulse Engines.

Bear in mind the above assumes you in mostly in combat, and stay with engine power setting of 25 that most people use. If you, at times, tend to change power setting profile for higher power and/or use Emergency Power to Enginer or Batteries to "Get the Hell out of Dodge", then a Hyper Impulse Engine is definitely a better choice. At high engine power settings (75+) a Hyper Impulse Engine vastly out speeds any other type of Impulse Engine.