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09-05-2011, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by TOSLover
Though one thing I love about STO compared to WoW is that STO has a Lifetime Subscription option. When I was playing WoW, they didn't. Maybe things have changed since then, but one reason I like STO is that there's a flat fee; pay it once, then play whenever you want without any pressure of a monthly subscription ending.
Yeah!! That was one of the first things I was looking for. I HATE monthly subscriptions. If I want to play for a bit, then leave and come back to it, and I know there will be people playing the game for a LONG time. Then I maybe don't mind paying the lifetime fee. I love Star Trek so much I didn't think twice to do the lifetime.

Another thing I hate about WoW is that everyone is so elitist in the game. "Yeah I've been playing for 5+ years, I've maxed out everything possible in the game. I can't be bothered to answer an easy little question to help out some new player!"

I seriously just asked "where can I sell stuff?" I got a response, and I'm NOT joking. "type /camp and close your eyes for 20 seconds." I typed it in and saw my character beginning to log out. I responded "... jerk" though wanted to say much more...

We're all friends here on STO, and that in the end I'm sure will make this game better than WoW.