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Originally Posted by Timoteus View Post
Wait a second. Are you sure you didn't make a typo? I thought that escort is for dps and cruiser for thank not otherway around or have I missed something?
You are right.

Escort = DPS
Cruiser = Tank, and healing.
Science = Buffs/debuffs.

You can put your character in any ship regardless of career. Like for an example, I put my Eng in the Long Range Science Refit, and love it. I can put out about as much DPS as a tac, and can tank pretty well too.

I have also seen in the game with great success a Science character in an Assault Cruiser, and in a Tactical Escort Refit. It just depends on your play style and what you want to accomplish. When you reach VA, you will have 7 respec tokens. You them wisely, but experiment a little. Work out the bugs in one ship, and if you don't really like it, try something else.

Here are a few quick recommendations.

Escort = Use cannons + 1 quantum torpedo. With turrets on your aft.

Cruisers = Use all beam arrays. You will need an EPS flow regulator. If you don't want one, then use 6 beam arrays, and a torpedo fore, and aft.

Science = I use 6 beam arrays, and I think it works great. But a lot of people say to have a torpedo fore, and aft. With a 2 DBB's up front.

This should give you some starting ideas. The big thing is just for you to play the game, try things out, and find what works for you the best.