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09-05-2011, 08:37 PM
Bleh. I never used pengs continuously, other than to test them out and the color fits with my Lollarons (Like everyone has a reason to try out a new weapon introduced in the game). Other than that, I find them so dull and useless. I'd rather put a trico on this baby and just use some real skills with timing etc.

I do not see why other people have the urge to use these kinds of ways of dealing more damage. Is it because its fun? is it because one can't do more damage by other means?

Where are the people with real skills in this game? Where are our fundamental principles which should made us to improve ourselves with other means than potentially broken weapons/abilities? First its peng, then its faw, now its spread. (I do not imply that Spread is OP, i honestly wouldnt know, i dont even care. I wont use it.).

To me it seems like lack of a solid shipbuild.

Sorry, couldnt resist. :p

Originally Posted by Warpstalker
Pengs do great substained damage but you probably won't kill someone by yourself using only those torpedoes.
Even on a 45 sec cd, HE completly negates a full pengs boat.

See my damage / kill ratio ->
Yes that looks pretty nice.
But I hope you do realize that Damage stats are pure hull and neglecting shield damage. Yes from your stats it seems that you do some nice sustained direct hull damage, but in theory this could just as well mean that you didnt made a single kill, but its pretty logical you get the most damage stats this way.

Compare this to a normal arena match where an escort does much greater damage to the target, but since his shields are up, you only do bleedtrough damage while the overall damage of the escort is much higher. But that wont be added up in the stats.

- Escort versus cruiser, Escort deals 200K damage before the cruiser dies. (This is possible because of the healing the cruiser throws on himself)

- Escort versus cruiser, Escort kills a shield facing, pwns a trico on the cruiser with some buffs, one shot. Thats about ~50K of damage on the PvP Stats.

So that proves that Damage stats are in no way related to real life killcount.
Furthermore I've been in 1v1 matches where the opponent did almost double the damage as me. And still finished the match 2-0 score. Just trying to explain that stats as they are now do not resemble much.
And that even in a normal arena match, escorts outputting the lowest damage on the scoreboard could potentially still have the highest killcount.

Still, your screenshot perfectly explains the relevance between Hull damage and Statistics
I almost thought you did that same mission over and over again, until I realised it was KDF :p