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Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
For most other Klingons all of that are just phrases wich gives them reasons to randomly start a fight, they dont really care about what Khaless said.....

For most player Klingons I think that that's true, but for RPing Klingons and the general Klingons of Lore I think that that's not true.

The teachings and ideals of Kahless shaped the Empire, and the very thing that is central to their society (Honor) was handed down by Kahless. But over the many centuries since he left the Empire, ideals have faded and corruption has taken hold in some, as Valias very clearly pointed out why that happens in some cases.

Ironically, the Empire, under J'mpok, is running the risk of falling even further from the teachings of Kahless (and in my opinion already has).....