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09-05-2011, 10:41 PM
Originally Posted by HamRadio18

Cruisers = Use all beam arrays. You will need an EPS flow regulator. If you don't want one, then use 6 beam arrays, and a torpedo fore, and aft.
A correct. The EPS Flow Regulators now have absolutely no bearing on Weapon Powerlevel during energy weapon fire. When more then 1 energy weapon is firing, the weapon power drops during the weapon firing cycle. As soon as the firing cycle is over, the power drain by the weapon returns immediately. EPS Flow Regulators only useful for increasing the power transfer rates when changing power setting profiles.

In regards to beam arrays, the sweet spot for damage vs power drain is 6 beams. With more than 6 beams, you start to get diminishing returns on your DPS due to excessive power drain.