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09-06-2011, 04:42 AM
Originally Posted by startrekfan View Post
Me too Meline - I Kharn and the rest of "legends"...I'm J O K I N G...of course

Yeah it's truth but you must understand one thing Raphezir: "SS 1 / 2 is necessary because of healing fest on every PVP match" - I quoted one of QEW memeber. So as you see these guys are still thinking about our comfort and best interest.

Edit: If I failed to apply the irony, just ignore this post.
Oh Jakub I dont get you man, we use to be friends why all this suddenly hate

Qew dont have any score to settle with LF, what little there might have been we have discussed with Leadbelly, but you seem to wanna stirre thing up why ?

Oh and do LF know that you always said to me how much you hated LaMafia as you called them. and suddenly you joined