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09-06-2011, 07:00 AM
Originally Posted by Raphezir View Post
I really dont wanna make this the next "flleet X is stupid cause they do Y" thread. So not calling out names, I often face Klingons with mines additional to the carrier spam. (Its logical to me. If I would fly a ship with no turn rate, I might prefer mines too.)
Just saying its easier for Klingons to follow the rules, cause even if they dont use mines, they can bring enough spam to exasperate the other team. They dont even need SS for that.

But I guess we have different meanings for the word spam. If you say Klingons bring less spam than several Fed PVP fleet, you talk about Sci Spam (I guess), which really might be the worst for an escort orientated fleet like yours. For me pet spam is the major issue, while FAW is banned (and with that only mines and scorpions; ship related pets are not).
I talk about any kind of spam..

Gazillions of mines, 3-4 SciFleets being chained, 3-4-5 Photonic fleets + Scorpions, 3-4 SNBs. Excessive stuff like that.

As for pets, Id like to suggest that you (your fleet) checking out Cannon Scatter Volley.. Its pretty effective at clearing spam..