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I have been an avid Fed player for the last 520 days mostly pvp (im just average nothing great) and recently decided to lvl a klink to expierence pvp from this side. On the fed Im an Engineer in a defiant and do ok, so I wanted to try a klink engineer in the Vo'quv carrier as I have seen some great builds in pvp. I have now reached the rank of Lt General and have my huge Vo'quv carrier. I would really like some advice from other carrier pilots on the build i have put together.

I have done 2 pvp matches against the feds and I have to say really enjoyed it..... but I was waiting for the shouting to start over the amount of mines I was laying (but no one did).... would you use all beams instead?

I had no idea also that the Vo'quv was a sci orientated ship either, that threw me by supprise. Anyhow this is what ive done

Lt Cmdr Tact
Tact Team I
Beam Overload II
Attack Pattern Omega I

Lt Cmdr Eng
Emergency power to shileds I
Engineering team II
Emergency power to shields III

Lt Science
Hazzard Emitters I
Transfer shiled strengh II

Commander Science
Sci team I
Hazzard emitters II
Feed back pulse II
Photnic Shockwave II

Fore weapons (I like the anoyance affect from the plasma fire)
x3 Plasma Beam Arrays mk x (x3 acc trait)

Aft weapons
x1 Plasma Beam Array mk x (x3 acc trait)
x2 Plasma mine launchers

The consoles are standard for the build Field Generator, +26 Plasma weapons etc etc, using the full Aegis set.

Any comments on improvements or what has and has not worked for you in the past would be good. My aim is to be a sufficiant healer as well as a tanker to hold the agro.