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09-06-2011, 10:40 AM
I've had this bug for about a week, high values for personal equipment like weapons and shields and opposite for the ship equipment. It's a real pain to keep swapping stuff to compare.
I also get the issue of torpedoes not showing any value.

Started with me when I got in my first shuttle to do the Delta flyer anomaly scanning stuff. I thought I'd equip my starship equipment (the breen set of 3) to beef up the shuttle incase I hit some bother. When the values were so low I assumed it was due to the shuttles power reducing them, Tried logging out etc but still remains.

I've noticed some screens do show correct info like reward screens, and the first time they enter your inventory, but after that its back to crazy numbers, filled a ticket last week but nothing heard

Wondering if a reinstall would work, anyone tried yet. Anything useful need backing up before a reinstall or is everything server side?