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09-06-2011, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by PhyrexianHero
In the FAQ it states:

I've seen nothing to suggest that this exclusive feature would be available for others though.
"Q: Will there be any changes to the C-Store now that STO is going free-to-play?Top

Yes. We'll be reviewing the content and prices of goods on offer in the C-store. This includes prices for ships at all tiers. There are currently no plans to increase the price of any premium ship. For now, we know that some previously purchasable playable species will soon be free (Ferengi, Rigelian, Pakled, Tellarite), and others (Liberated Borg, Joined Trill, Federation Klingons) will be earned through other means. If you have already unlocked access to any C-store items, including playable species, you will retain that access in the free-to-play transition."