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09-06-2011, 12:21 PM
Originally Posted by PhyrexianHero
It says for both gold and silver that Klingon play is unlocked at level 25 -- it was originally 5 and (presumably) reduced to after the Fed tutorial (level 1) with Season 4. Is this actually the plan to increase it -- such a high level to unlock (when Stahl himself says that most players have never even gotten to level 21) would seem to really reduce the ratio of Federation players to Klingon players (which the latter at last count were only 18%).
I really think that was a bombshell about the Klingon gameplay. I find it quite alarming. We had been told for months that there was going to be a Klingon tutorial and eventually there would be no requirement to level a Federation character in order to play a Klingon. Now, there will be a 25 level Federation entry fee for Klingons, and if I'm interpreting the PvP comments of the FAQ correctly, Klingons will start on a much higher level now. The plans for Klingons beg for more answers now, and in fact, it could use its own FAQ. What we have been told is way too vague.

My questions:
1. How is this intended to help the Klingon faction?
2. How will this not just encourage more players to play Federation characters and stick with it?
3. What is going to happen with lower level Klingon ships since many of them won't be needed in this plan?
4. Please don't take this question as argumentative, but is lopping off half of a Klingon players levels a way to justify not offering them as many levels?
5. This would seem to eliminate the need to remaster early Federation missions to be told from a Klingon perspective. Is there still a plan to remaster episodes for Klingons?
6. When can we expect this future Klingon update? Season 5?