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09-06-2011, 11:22 AM
My questions are as followes:

1. Is this stipend going be the same as champions at 400? I think it should be higher since that 400 is less than 5.00 worth of tokens and you are paying 15.00 a month for subscription. Nice way for me to ask about this is because I know you guys mean well but if you look at it just from tokens perspective if the game is technically free to play and you are paying 15.00 a month thats 1200 worth of tokens so for a 2000 token ship would take you 5 months to get off stipends so instead of a ship like that costing you 20-25 dollars it is now actually costing you around 75-80 dollars. Honestly thought the CO format for subscription is just to get the fluff costumes and to avoid the annoying advertisements and I know you have to make money but I would suggest putting things into the STO F2P that are worth the money to spend on it.

2. If there is a cap on character slots and say for instance I have 13-14 slots right now and say I need to use the money for something else for that month will any of my characters be deleted, or will I be stuck with only being able to play a few select characters that the system allows me too?