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As those abilities that are and were put into the game seem to me as they are more and more of the same stuff – e.g. spawning NPCs, messing with sensors – I wonder if I am the only one who thought about other abilities that could advance the gameplay.

Here is what I came up with:

1.) Displacement abilities that really allow for manipulating starships positions
a. Real Tractoring: Drawing/towing Ships across the map (, success based on engine energy
b. Gomtuu-like Shockwave (, which blasts balls of ships 10km apart.
2.) Artillery: Projectile covering more than 10km, like the Tricobalts of the Raptor/Steamrunner from ST:Armada. Should not follow a target but projectile should fly to the coordinate where the target was when launched
3.) “Capturing” an opponent’s skill: E.g. Projectile to be fired on an enemy that puts a random ability of him into CD and adds it (projectile button gets changed)to your quick launch bar
4.) Synching abilities with your teammates: E.g. special activation bar position that gives teammates access to it
5.) Strategic overview ability that puts information about the opposing team much like the info about the own team close to these – this would give a team leader the ability to choose targets.
6.) A very strong beam weapon that has to be activated by several team members to fire, like
7.) Flying in formation: Activate on your teammate to fly parallel and stick to his targets

So what do you think and what kind of abilities could be interesting especially for PVP?