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09-06-2011, 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by Zeuxidemus
1. Is this stipend going be the same as champions at 400? I think it should be higher since that 400 is less than 5.00 worth of tokens and you are paying 15.00 a month for subscription. Nice way for me to ask about this is because I know you guys mean well but if you look at it just from tokens perspective if the game is technically free to play and you are paying 15.00 a month thats 1200 worth of tokens so for a 2000 token ship would take you 5 months to get off stipends so instead of a ship like that costing you 20-25 dollars it is now actually costing you around 75-80 dollars. Honestly thought the CO format for subscription is just to get the fluff costumes and to avoid the annoying advertisements and I know you have to make money but I would suggest putting things into the STO F2P that are worth the money to spend on it.
I'm not following your logic at all. Free is free, it doesn't change the price of anything except to make it cheaper. Just because CO gives you more free doesn't actually make free any more or less valuable, it being, well... *free*.

It certainly doesn't make things that are *not* free more expensive, all it can do is make it cheaper - after all you get no free points for $15 now, vs those same $15 giving you 400 free points after. That makes any purchase you made this month cost 400 more points than it would after they start giving you free points.

BTW, 400 points is NOT less than $5.00, it's exactly $5.00 ($6.25 = 500 points, 80 points per $1 = 400 per $5), so I'm not sure what your point was to begin with...