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Originally Posted by Churchland View Post
4.) Synching abilities with your teammates: E.g. special activation bar position that gives teammates access to it
I think this has the most potential. Especially if doing things like coordinating targetting and fire patterns. Like perhaps 4 ships route power to one ship that gives it massive power increases to weapons at the cost of their power reserves and maybe causes sub system failures to the ship that got the boost.

Or an ability that puts a small group of 3 ships under a single shield envelope when they remain within 5km of one another. Increasing overall shields to the group by 80% each additional ship that's added. And if the shield is breached all ships receive an equal amount of damage. Healing remains seperate.

Mask energy signature that encompasses a small fleet would be cool but only as a LT commander and above ability.

Boarding party that can get beamed to a ship with a hole in its shields. But which also requires you to drop your shields for the transport (KA players will appreciate this one)

This is kinda against the spirit of the thread but instead of warp plasma how about a energy field that causes sensor or shield disruption or both. Make it twice the dispersal size of warp plasma and as a balance have it reduce the friendly ships shields by half and the enemy shields to 10% and knock out the enemy sensors completely. Imitate the effects of the mutara nebula. Make this a cruiser only ability.