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09-06-2011, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
It also doesn't mean the OP of those threads were telling the truth in the full sense. Simply because someone claims something, and that happens to come true, doesn't mean they foretold it. A lack of evidence to support a claim, even when that claim turns out to be the truth, is not certified proof that the claim was made based on anything other than an attempt to rile up people in the forums. Which is what most of these F2P threads were.
The difference between this thread and the others is this one named a very specific time period while others have always been vague. And another key point is the OP of this thread said that the exact date was not set in stone, and that also proved true. How could he have know they hadnt already come up with a planned release date if he was just guessing? Those are 2 very specific details that were both correct.