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09-06-2011, 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
people fear what they dont understand and many people dont understand the f2p hybrid model. they only hear 'free to play' and jump to conclusions and its clear that they have not experienced it with other games and have gotten angry over something they probably would not do if they had all the facts.

thats not to say every single person will be happy even with all the facts, but hating it when you have all the facts is one thing, but hating it before they understand it is another. i suggest people at least wait for the FAQ next week before they panic.
I understand what you are saying....and you may have different expernice with the F2P model but there are a lot of us here state side that have seen our games go from improving to dieing. I personally am angry at what I am hearing and seeing on the forums from official post. To know that by me paying a $15 a month since the game went live and I was here during open beta, to see in that people that play for free will be able to do everything I can with only a couple of exceptions. So yes I am angry and feel betrayed, what They ahve done is made this a PVP game for sure and the rest of us that want to do PVE are screwed!!!! So I will hang in there and see what will happen but I am tellling you and the whole Cryptic Bunch all the way to the CEO there are people like me and we will drop you all like a hot potateo if this game begins to S@#$!!! SO I feel that my loyalty been stepped on, everytime I have stood up and said wait and see it will get better, for that I say now I been *****. So Lead Programer if you think I am wrong PM amd tell me why I should be excited and thankful we are going that way. I will give you my word anything you say to me will stay with me. But I am sure I will hear nothing from you other than you killing my account for my negativity.