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09-06-2011, 01:05 PM
Originally Posted by Kerrus View Post
Pfft, all this whining about the Klingons.

Look, this is what it says:

Klingons will not unlock until level 25, and those characters will start at level 25.

They currently are unlocked/start at 6, yes.


The part about 'low fvk pvp queues will be temporarily removed.

What part of 'this is not a permanent change' don't you guys get?

It's quite simple, AFAICT- they're making these changes so that making a Klingon character and leveling him up is easier during the period of time that exists before they release additional Klingon faction content to make leveling from lower level (below 25) not such a ridiculous grind.

I don't know how you guys can see 'temporary' and think 'THIS IS FOREVER, IT'S RAGEQUITTING TIME!'
You can be condescending all you want, but I've learned not to make assumptions on behalf of Cryptic. I'm hoping the desire to release full-fledged content for the KDF means they are going to go back and make full content from level one and up, but they haven't said that is what they are going to do. I'd like them to answer what "full fledged" content means and when they plan on doing it. "At a later date" could mean season 5. It could also mean season 7 or later.

Personally, I had hoped they were going to announce that with F2P, they were going to release a new tutorial for both factions and allow new players to start as a member of the KDF at level one. I was hoping that would be part of the "great things" they planned on announcing this week. That would allow new players to come in and try out the KDF right off the bat instead of having to play a Federation player at all.

Instead, they have raised the bar on making new Klingon characters higher with the carrot of a later update that will flesh out the Klingon experience at some later date. At one point back in March, half the Dev team was working on Klingon content, or so they say. There were a bunch of things for Klingons coming that didn't get released and were instead temporarily postponed. Now it seems, once again, Klingon development has been pushed back. So, call me skeptical, but I find this announcement unsatisfying.