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09-06-2011, 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by Lord_Trekie View Post
1) The KDF faction unlocking at level 25 at the release of F2P is I assume to, resolve, the issue they have of non-pvp story related missions, until it is actually resolved with the addition of more story content, at which time that unlock level will lower again, maybe yes? maybe no?
That is exactly how I read it. The impression I get (and this is an impression, not fact) is that Perfect World didn't like the lack of KDF PVE content, and so they pushed for this as a temporary measure until the KDF are brought in line.

Now, how long will that take? Who knows.

4) Only 1 extra character slot for monthly and lifetime subbers? I think 3 extra, minimum would be appropriate, since that's what you currently give subscribers IIRC, 5 by default.
Nope; subs get 3.

8) Will the Captain's Table get some love out of this? As in will become a more, exclusive and usable, hangout once again? i.e full sets of vendors, tailors, other Spacedock amenities?
I for one would love to see this.