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09-06-2011, 04:35 PM
My second mission and the real first long-length mission is well under way and it will be big :p

i intend to make it about and hour and a half long or make 2 45mins-1hour long episodes with a lot of fast-paced battles and a developing story that i hope will draw u right in


After the battle of Alpha Zarini 9, Your ship was destroyed and You were forced to abandon ship

You and some of Your officers have been stuck in the wildreness for several days when You detect a starfleet distress signal being transmitted within a few miles of Your position.

As You move in to investigate, you find a camp that's about to unveil the misteries of the Zarinians. You will also meet... The Z, a KDF commander, known for his subtle, but cruel methods and You will fight not only for Your life, but for the life of those who serve under You.