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I've just gotten back into STO with Season 4, and loving it. Love how time-friendly the game seems to me, how easy it is to play with friends, etc.

However, compared to my old favorite MMO (City of Heroes), the whole character creation/advancement is a little rich/complex for me. As such, I'm a little nervous with allocating skill points and such for my tactical officer (only character, from launch, just hit Captain). I'm pretty much only PVE, and play mostly with friends or solo, so I was wondering...
  • It seems like the most "obvious" choices are safe; is that so? I'm not overly interested in min/maxing here, just having a solid, playable character (Tactical, currently flying around in a Cruiser and an Escort).
  • Am I doing myself a huge disservice by splitting myself between Cruisers and Escorts? I enjoy both, and because of how often I play, alting doesn't interest me at this time. Again, not looking to min/max, just be solid/playable.
  • I'm assuming the common (white) equipment is baseline, with anything better being icing on the cake? Can I go the whole game-ish with only common stuff if I had/wanted to? I've never been one for the equipment treadmill found in some other games.
  • Is this game as forgiving to futzing around/experimenting with stuff as City of Heroes? Eventually I do want to try other officer/ship combinations, but I don't want to do so if its super easy to "gimp" myself. Again, don't need/want to be a top-tier performer, but I do want to be able to play and have fun without putting my foot through the screen. I prefer to play my way, my style, etc. So far I seem to be able to, but I don't know how higher levels will be.

Loving being back, and very glad I got my lifetime sub ^_^