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09-06-2011, 05:26 PM
That announcement was a big let down. I was actually kind of excited about what Cryptic might do, but was left with an even more sour taste in my mouth than before.
  • Cryptic is lying to us about klingon content, again! Instead of fixing things like they have been promising since launch, they are condensing the faction to make the experience less horrible, while promising to do real work on it at some far flung future time. At this point, anyone with half a brain should see the likelyhood of that ever happening is astronomically low.
  • They lied to us about 600 day rewards, waiting until the day those rewards should have gone out to let us know about it. Instead of having the decency to come out and say it they made it a foot-note in the announcement.
  • Far too little difference between gold and silver players. One would be much better off with a silver account spending $15 dollars a month in the blasted C-store!
  • No method to the madness behind tier x.5, both Gold and Silver players will need to shell out serious money to remain competitive
  • It's a little thing, but not being able to use the STO stiped towards CO and vice-versa is hands down retarded. Are they trying to limit the number of people who might subscribe to both games?!

Who is responsible for all of these terrible decisions of late? Dsthal? I seriously wish I never bought a LTS more than I ever have before!