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Hello, had an idea that im sure has been though about and or discussed by others but I think it is worth bringing up again, basically the current Negh'var minus the siege cannons seen in way of the warrior is driving me nuts. My idea is simple, since most klingon ship varients are probably going to be c-store im not going to bother beating a dead horse on that issue.

What I propose is to have a c-store and "available in other ways" varient of the classic Negh'var, think Galaxy-X but the Negh'var, with it of course the siege cannons found underneath would be added, and these would have a purpose, like the Galaxy-X has the phaser lance, the Negh'var varient would have some ability like siege disruptor or whatever name they'd like to call it which unleashes a heavy salvo of disruptor blasts from said siege cannons on a target, of course it would need a moderate cool down like the phaser lance.

What im suggesting is not a major overhall, but neither is the Galaxy-X, federation fans wanted it they got it, regardless of whether it was ACTUALLY used in anything other then an alternate timeline. With STO going F2P this is somthing id gladly pay a Galaxy-X equivalent in C-points for. As far as liscensing goes it shouldnt be too hard to get CBS approval specially since you already have a Negh'var in game, this would just be the proper Negh'var thats all So think about it cryptic, and what Klingons there are left feel free to chime in with your thoughts.