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09-06-2011, 07:19 PM
It's pretty simple. Get an emergency power to shields, or two. Get a tactical team 1. And you should be able to tackle anything.

For PvE, the need to put points into your ship is not really there. Put points into beams or cannons, whichever you're using. And put points into torpedo and which ever one you're using. Then just skill for whatever you are using. On the Skill tree there is a drop down menu on the upper right side. There it will list all of your skills.

For weapons white will get you through everything. Anything else is just that much better. They go from white to, green, blue and purple.

For the most part, you can roll any combo of captain and ship with any boff abilities and any skill points and you will do great. The game is very forgiving, or easy which ever you prefer.